More than seventy years after the end of the War of Liberation, the trek "Sentieri Resistenti" connects some of the many memorial sites scattered across the Alps in the province of Turin. Winding through Graian and Cottian Alps it joins in nine stages Canavese up with the valleys of Lanzo, Susa, Sangone, Chisone, Germanasca and Infernotto. It 'a journey that threads paths whose temper is not only symbolic, have in fact been used for centuries by mountaineers to pass from valley to valley and for driving cattle to summer pastures, have served as connecting ways for partisans during the twenty months of resistance and still lend themselves to the pleasure of the hikers. All the trek takes place at a medium – low altitude, best suited for partisans, looking for suitable places from which they can launch attacks against the plain and escape routes against the raids of the enemy better armed and organized. The best season to trek goes from the beginning of the summer to middle autumn, so as to avoid risked crossing of streams or insidious steps due to frost and snow. To ensure the complete viability of the journey, we checked the constant availability of hotels, supplying food shops, fountains that provide water and public transport to Turin. In the web site, information about the local resistance is available, so that hikers can "remember with their feet", giving depth to physical effort with the necessary knowledge of the historical events, places and people. We dedicate this work to those who rebelled against fascism and nazism, risking their lives in the name of those ideals of freedom, democracy and social justice that still provide all of us a life worth living.